Good bye Metrosexual, hello Geordie Shore wannabes or Spornosexual

metrosexual-model Spending hours in the gym building muscle mass is a good thing right? Yes of course, but creating a toned body with six pack definition can take many work out hours and involves a great deal of gym dedication. My concern is that today‘s young men want instant results and don‘t have the commitment it takes to slowly build up their body muscle mass.

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Vitiligo – Angelica comments on this often distressing skin condition


I was delighted to be invited to contribute to a feature in this month’s Cosmopolitan Magazine highlighting Vitiligo.

June 25th was World Vitiligo Day, shining a much needed spot light on this often forgotten skin complaint. Models such as Winnie Harlow are helping to spread the word that Vitiligo is not to be feared but embraced.

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Keep skin youthful and healthy the natural way from the inside out!


I am often approached by young women concerned about facial lines; I reassure them that the lines they see are expression creases, and without these they would look very odd. Lines and wrinkles do not actually start until into your thirties, when repeated facial muscle movements start to leave their trace. As with any muscle, the more it is used, the bigger and stronger it becomes, and towards a person’s late thirties lines can be seen even when the face is not moving – lines that deepen as ageing continues.

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Cameron Diaz and the pressure to maintain the looks of a 25 year old


In a recent interview, Cameron Diaz bemoaned the pressure to maintain the looks of a 25-year old. This may be true in Hollywood but not in real life, says Ms Angelica Kavouni. At 40 years old, it is unrealistic to want to look 25. To do so brings with it the risk of looking odd and unnatural rather than younger and fresh faced.

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It looks like Renée Zellweger has undergone an eyelid lift


Congenital heavy upper eyelids look fabulous on the young, lending the face an exotic appearance but as the ageing process takes hold, they become progressively saggy, in some cases making it difficult to actually see!

Renée had very droopy eyelids which I‘m sure have become heavier over the past 5 years. Most women with naturally heavy eyelids will seek out surgery at some stage – and why should celebrities be singled out for doing the same?

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The new worrying plastic surgery trend


Over the past 3 years, the number of young women who come to see me requesting downsizing in their breast implants has risen dramatically. Fashion should not inform decisions over cosmetic surgery, though we know that sadly it does. More troubling still are the young women who have been encouraged to surgically upsize by the man in their life at the time.

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As seen in Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2014


Not even the perennially youthful among us, such as Elle “The Body” MacPherson, can escape the blight of sagging skin around the knees.

Skin loses its elasticity as we age due to collagen losses and the pull of gravity and the knee area is no exception.

Fat pockets reduce the appearance of laxity in these areas by supporting the skin, which is why loose skin is more obvious on lean women like Elle and those who experience weight fluctuations.

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Gwyneth’s favourite anti-ageing treatment, Thermage


This week the Daily Mail featured the new-age skin tightening treatment, Thermage, which is the perfect non-surgical solution to combat sagging skin anywhere on the face and body – used mostly on the face, neck and décolletage.

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Channel 4‘s documentary programme ”My Baggy Body” showcased some all-too familiar stories.


My heart went out especially to Gregg, whose sheer determination and focus led to considerable weight loss over a 3-year period through diet and exercise. However, he then discovered that women still weren‘t interested in him because of the mounds of loose skin this process left behind.

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